Atlanta Nutrition

Personalized nutrition services utilizing lifestyle, functional, and integrative nutrition principles to achive weight loss, better health, disease prevention, exercise improvement, or to deal with health conditions such as IBS, prediabetes, or metabolic issues. Dr. Redmond was the 2016 recipient of the Excellence in Practice award, has worked in research for over a decade, and promotes a whole foods - plant based diet. Services include one-on-one nutrition consultations, do-it-yourself online nutrition assessment, and research and content consulting. Changing how you live and think about food and nutrition is a long road, find your first step here. Click to schedule an appointment.        

Do Good, Feel Better

A share of our profits are donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank (, with a focus on their Community Gardens project which offers assistance to more than 100 new and existing gardens. Because we believe no one can think clearly when they're hungry.