Online Nutrition Evaluation (ONE)

Find out what your diet is missing, if anything. The Online Nutrition Evaluation (ONE) uses Viocare, an online validated questionnaire that identifies average intake of key nutrients. The report will help to identify both good nutrition habits, and specific areas that need improvements. Click to Buy


Online Nutrition Evaluation + Review (ONE+R)

We review additional detailed nutrient data from your Online Nutrition Evaluation (ONE), combining it with your lifestyle and nutrition goals to provide a personalized nutrition roadmap. The ONE+R can be done after you have completed the ONE.

Contact us: $75 for 30 minutes (ONE-R)

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Total Wellness Optimization (TWO)

The Total Wellness Optimization provides a comprehensive nutrition and wellness assessment, diagnosis and intervention plan. It includes the ONE online assessment, a review of health and nutrition histories, laboratory work, and supplements, as well as meal plans, goal setting, and recommended testing.

Contact us:

$250 Initial Assessment 60 minutes (Total Wellness Optimization Initial Assessment)

$75 for each 30 min follow up (Follow up)


Research, Content, and media

Does your company need nutrition or medical content researched, written or presented? Dr. Redmond’s conventional education and training, combined with her extensive experience in conventional, functional and complimentary medicine research have provided her with a unique view of the benefits and limitations of each. We offer comprehensive literature reviews and summarized applicable reports.  Dr. Redmond is also available for presentations and media events. Contact us.