Find out what your diet is missing, if anything. The Nutrition Report uses a validated online questionnaire that will identify your intake of key nutrients. The report will help you identify your good nutrition habbits, and let you target the ones that need change.


Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

The Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment appointment is a full review of your nutrition history and status that works to develop a personalized lifestyle plan. The assessment is generally 1-hour, and follow-up or laboratory testing are available as needed. Contact us for more details.


Nutritional Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing can help to better define and personalize the information gathered in the Online Nutrition Report. Evaluating blood levels of amino acids, fatty acids, organic acids, immune reactions to foods, cortisol and circadian rhythms, and gut health can help to better target diet and lifestyle changes. Laboratory testing availability may be limited. Contact us for more details.

String Theorgy Eating Instructions

String Theory Eating Instructions is a simplified set of rules to help you eat better, and lose weight. Plus profits are donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank's Community Gardens. The kit includes, the String Theory Eating Intructions and a string. It pairs well with the Personal Health and Nutrition Report and our informative Nutrition Provisions blog. Getting healthy and losing weight isn't rocket science, its harder and we can help.

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Research and Content Development

Is there nutrition and health information hidden in the years of research that could help you? Do you need nutrition content written or presented? We do comprehensive literature reviews for individuals and corporations, and summarize it in an easy to understand format.  Contact us.