Find out what your diet is missing, if anything. The Nutrition Report uses a validated online questionnaire that will identify your intake of key nutrients. The report will help you identify your good nutrition habbits, and let you target the ones that need change. Click to Buy


Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

The Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment appointment is a full review of your nutrition history and status that works to develop a personalized lifestyle plan. The assessment is an 80 minute appointment that includes a review of the online Nutrition Report and pre-evaluation questions. For those who desire longer term support, direction, and research we offer follow up appointments. We can help support you make changes in your diet and lifestyle. We offer both indiviudal and packages of Follow up Support. Contact us.


Personalized Research Report

Is there nutrition and health information hidden in the years of research that could help you? Dr. Redmond’s conventional education and training, combined with her extensive experience in functional and complimentary medicine research have provided her with a unique view of the benefits and limitations of each. It takes years for good research to transition into clinical practice, and research knowlege that offers no financial incentive can take longer. A Personalized Research Report provides a summary of research findings to specifically benefit you. Contact us.

Research, Content, and media

Does your company need nutrition or medical content researched, written or presented? We offer comprehensive literature reviews and summarized applicable reports.  Dr. Redmond is also available for presentations and media events. Contact us.